Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Thoughts

I've been thinking alot lately about my life, and the unexpected turns it has taken.  Maybe its the new baby, the new house, the new life....I'm not sure.  My life is so different than it was a few years ago.  I feel like I am back to the Therena I once was....long ago.....before all the heartache.  I feel like me again, and that I don't ever have to hide who I am or how I feel. I never knew marriage and family and life could be like it is for me now.  Of course life is still hard sometimes, it always will be.  But its hard in a different way...the right way....the way it should be hard.  But for the most part my life is beautiful, and peaceful, and happy.  I am in awe of this man I am married to.  He is more than I could ever ask for, and I often feel so undeserving of him.  I am in awe of my older boys who have struggled through what I've struggled through, but have remained strong and brave, and patient as we made so many transitions.  I am in awe of this new little person that has joined our family. His presence in our home has brought us all together.  But most importantly, I am in awe of the Lord's love for his children. His tender mercies.  The overflowing blessings he bestows upon us.  I will never forget the struggles I went through or the heartache......but I believe that because of that I am more grateful for the things I have now.  I will forever be grateful to the Lord for bringing me here, to this point in my life....for allowing me to feel the heartache, so that I can truly experience the joy.

Quick Trip to Vegas

For Labor Day Talmage and Barrett were with their dad, so we decided to take Tolson and go to Vegas with my parents for the weekend.  Brian had never experienced Vegas, so we had fun walking the strip, and looking at all the casinos.  Of course we ate too much at the buffets, but all those calories were worth it to me!! I love Vegas!  We did a little shopping, my dad played a little blackjack...but couldn't get Brian to give it a try!  Tolson did amazingly well the entire trip, especially considering he was only 6 weeks old!

Here we are at Caesars Palace
 and the garden at the Bellagio

First Day of School

This year Talmage started 2nd Grade and Barrett started Kindergarten. I can't believe my boys are so big!  Talmage was nervous because he was starting a new school.  He went to Ishikawa for kindergarten and first grade so he was worried that he didn't have any friends.  And Barrett was surprisingly excited!  He couldn't wait to start "big boy" school.  He is still extremely shy so I was having anxiety over him starting school.  But my kids never stop surprising me.  Talmage came home and wouldn't stop talking about his teacher and new friends.  Barrett, on the other hand, came home and was all business.  He hung up his backpack, pulled out his folder and immediately wanted to start on his homework!  Too funny! Although I could tell he loved it!

Since the hospital

 These are just a few pics I've taken since we've been home from the hospital! I think he looks like his dad!  But then there's times he looks just like Talmage! Haha! Its amazing how babies can do that!

Our New Addition!

Tolson Brian Taylor joined our family on July 17th 2012 at 9:50 p.m.  He weighed 9lbs 5oz and was 22 inches long.

Here's the story:   We went to the Dr. the wednesday before he was born, and were scheduled for an induction the coming monday.  So that weekend we got everything done and prepared ourselves for monday morning.  Well, monday came along and the hospital called to say they were full, and they would call when they were ready for us.  They finally called that tuesday afternoon around 4:00.  When we got to the hospital and hooked me up, I was already having steady contractions about five minutes apart. I had no idea!! I couldnt feel a thing!  So they started me on pitocin around 6:00.  I still was only dilated to a 4, so about a half hour later the dr. came and broke my water.  Immediately after my water broke I could feel the contractions, and they did NOT feel good! I asked for the epidural immediately!  Luckily they were quick about it and I only suffered through the pain for about a half hour.  After the epidural was in place the nurse checked me again and I was dilated to a six.  This was around 8:30, and by 9:00 I was dilated to a 10 and ready to push!!! I pushed twice and he was out! However his shoulder did get stuck, and the doctor had to try to manueuver him out.  While this was happening the baby started to turn a little blue.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice.  But he finally came out and all was well.  I got a little nervous because he wasn't crying, but the nurses assured me he was fine.  He was wide awake and just looking around.

Brian did great through the delivery.  Since it was his first he wad definitely nervous. But both my mom and his mom were there with him.  Also my sister Sarah was here from out of town and was able to be there for the delivery also! It was such a party!

The next morning my mom brought Talmage and Barrett to the hospital to meet their new brother.  They fell in love with him immediately.  Barrett kept wanting to look at his little feet.

We are thrilled to have this little one join our family.  I feel like it has tied our family together perfectly.
We are SO blessed!


The Big Move

We finally moved into our new house in the middle of June.  When Brian and I got married, we rented out his house, and rented another one while we looked for a house.  We looked for a long time, and I was particular on schools and location.  But there just wasn't anything on the market.  For months we kept looking, and finally decided on a new build that was in the perfect location for us.  We bought a floorplan that wasn't modeled, so it was a little risky, but I absolutely love the house!  I was telling Brian the other day that I have never felt so "at home" in a home as I do about this one.  And the boys love it!  There are so many kids on the street that are their age.

The move itself was kinda crazy!  I was due with our third boy in the middle of July, but both Talmage and Barrett came 3 weeks early.  So we were really worried about getting in before the baby came.  Luckily we closed right on time, and then ended up having the full month to get settle because the baby did not come early....unfortunately!

This was the only pic I could find of the house, and its one that was taken during construction.

Barrett turns FIVE!

Where does the time go? It seems like it was Talmage that was just turning 5!  Barrett is really into pirates and pirate ships, so we had a pirate party for him.  Unfortunately, we were a few days away from moving, so the party had to be pretty simple.  We just invited his two cousins and spent the afternoon goofy golfing, then had cake and presents at home.  Barrett was so excited to see his Pirate Ship Cake!

I just have to say a little bit about Barrett.  I remember when he was born I called him my angel baby because thats literally what he was.  I had such a hard time with Talmage that I was really worried about having another one.  So when Barrett came and was the best baby in the world, I thought of him as my angel.  Now that he is 5, he is still my angel.  He has brought such a warm and peaceful spirit to our home.  Through all our struggles as a family, he has shown so much love and courage.  I am so grateful that the Lord blessed me with this angel.