Friday, March 25, 2011

Just a few.....

My blog will soon be undergoing some MAJOR renovations! But since I still haven't managed to get around to doing so, I thought I'd post just a few pics from our wedding!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Annual Post-Christmas Dune Trip

Every year we head down to the Sand Dunes after Christmas. This year Sarah and Blane came in from Florida and went with us! And, of course, it was Brian's first time! He had a few spills on the quad, but did AMAZING for his first time riding at the Dunes! Talmage is becoming a Pro on his little 50, and will probably need a bigger quad for next year. Even Barrett attempted to ride it this year and did fairly well too!
It was FREEZING there, and we had to stay bundled up. Unfortunately for Bear, the only gloves we had for him were pink!


We had a wonderful holiday season this year! It was so fun being with all of our family. We struggled to find a balance between 3 families this year, but it ended up working out great!

This was Christmas Eve at my parents. Talmage and Barrett spent the majority of Christmas Eve with the Candland Family, while Brian and I went to the Taylor Family. Then we hurried and made it in time for the Nativity at my parents.
Christmas morning at my parents

It was our first year with the Taylor Family, and we had so much fun! We love them so much, and they have all been so welcoming and accepting of us as part of their family. The boys LOVE Brian and having him as part of our family.............and having new grandparents, and all their new cousins to play with!
Brian got a tiara as part of one of his gifts! I think he should have let me wear it!