Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Internet is Back

So, our internet has been down for about six weeks now, and this is why.....  we started construction on our "project", and during the construction something was cut (a wire or something) I'm not too educated on this kind of stuff, but today it is back working!!  The project is connecting the main house with the "barn".
This picture is the original house
This is what we like to call "the barn".  The people that built the original house added this a few years later.  It was a separate garage, office, and apartment.  Because it was very strange the way they had it set up, we are converting the inside of the barn into a game room and a theatre, and adding another 4-car garage to connect to the main house, and to make it all one functional house!  It has been a little crazy, but I think it will be worth it!


We had a fabulous Christmas this year.  Talmage was so cute and was so excited to get his "computer"- the only thing he asked for.  Barrett didn't quite know what was going on, he was just thrilled to eat candy for breakfast.  Taylor and I had decided not to get each other gifts because of the trip to Disneyworld, but Taylor is such a sweetie and got me a wii and wii fit anyways!  I was also in charge of the gift for my parents this year (all of my siblings pool our money to get them one nice big thing) so I decided to have Randy Walker (the guy that did our wedding video) put all of their old home videos onto a DVD and put to music with about an hours worth of clips .  It was so much work and extremely stressful, but my parents both loved it-of course they cried watching it.  I love the Christmas Season, being together with our families, and remembering how much we have been blessed.
I made the boys these horses, but instead of turning out cute, the ended up being a little creepy...

Trip to Disneyworld

We took the boys and Taylor's parents to Florida to go to Disneyworld.  Taylor's parents hadn't been in almost 20 years, and it was Barrett's first time.  We had a lot of fun, and it was great for the boys to get so much one on one time with their grandparents!