Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby Boy #3

We are pleased to announce that we are expecting a baby boy in July! The boys were a little disappointed because they were hoping for a sister, but we are all so thrilled! This will be Brian's first, so we are excited to experience this together.

It has been fun being able to go to my school and scan myself, or have friends scan me! And he is definitely a boy!!!
Here is a lovely picture of me taken in Sedona when I was about 22 weeks. And as you can clearly see I am well on my way to gaining my usual 60lb prego weight! Yikes!
Oh, and I decided to get rid of my blonde and go as a brunette for a while!!!

Our 1 year Anniversary

I can't believe its already been a year! It has been crazy busy, and its been an adjustment (more for Brian I think). But I am married to the most incredible man! I didn't realize life could be this way! He has made our lives better than I ever imagined! I have no idea how I got so lucky! I have been so blessed in my life, even through hard times, but Brian is one of the greatest blessings our family has been given. We love him SO much!

Ok, so a week before our anniversary, Brian surprised me with tickets to Wicked! I had never seen it, and it was FABULOUS!!!

The weekend of our anniversary I surprised Brian with a short getaway to Sedona. We hiked and shopped, and ate way too much! It was nice to have a quiet weekend alone together!

Horseback Riding

This year for Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa Taylor bought all the grandkids a Horseback Riding Day trip to celebrate AZ's 100 years! They got to dress up like "cowboys" before they took off on their horses!

Talmage's Birthday

Talmage is now 7 years old! It scares me to death to think I have a child that is 7! He is so full of energy and personality. He loves reading "chapter books" now, and is a whiz in Math!!! We love having Talmage in our family!

Grandma Taylor made him a Birthday cake for Sunday dinner

Family party at Fuddruckers. Earlier that day we played some goofy golf at Golfland

After-Christmas Dune Trip

We head to the Dunes every year after Christmas. The boys look forward to it every year, and when we get there all they want to do is ride their quad! This year Grandpa tried to make them a jump, which they spent hours riding on!

Barrett (he's way more cautious on the quad than his big brother)

Talmage (our crazy daredevil)

Christmas 2011


It was a long, rough road but I am proud to say I am done with school!! I finished and got my certificate as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer from West Coast Ultrasound Institute!!! It was about 15 months of schooling, then a 6 month externship (which about killed me because it was 45 hrs per week for 6 months). My instructor snapped this pic in lab one day, and its pretty much the only picture I have from my time there!

Pumpkin Patch

We took the boys to Schnepf Farms this year, which is becoming a tradition. We seem to do it every year. They each picked out their own pumpkin


Talmage decided to go as Mario this year, and Barrett went as Captain Jack Sparrow!

Brian's Birthday

Brian turned 33 this year! I surprised him with tickets to Josh Groban. We went with his brother Derek and his wife Melissa. We had awesome seats and had a great time!

First Day of School

Talmage started 1st grade this year. He is still at Ishikawa and has Mrs. Henderson
Barrett started his last year of preschool with Mrs. McClure. We love her!


We took the boys to the doctor for their annual checkup and we found out that Barrett has a lazy eye (his left eye). We were shocked! He's had it since he was a baby but we never noticed it crossing or having a delay. So we headed straight to the eye doctor and he was given glasses right away! They have really thick lenses and magnify his eyes a little making them look big. I cried for awhile at first, partly because I felt like a horrible mom, and partly because B would have to wear glasses. But I got over it! Barrett started pointing out clouds in the sky, and I realized that he could now see things he couldn't before. He loves wearing them, and he looks so handsome!


That's right, I turned 29 this year. I told my boys that I'm never going to get older. I'll be 29 for the rest of my life.......they believed me!

Pagosa Springs Colorado

We spent a week in Colorado this summer. The Anderson Family Trip. However, not too many of my siblings could go. But we were lucky to have my sister Sarah and her family there with us since we don't get to see them enough! It was beautiful there!

Uncle Stephen got to come too. He always makes things fun!

Talmage and Lincoln are still the best of friends!

Trip to Utah

Brian is a member of the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization (EVMCO) and they had the opportunity to record and then sing in the Tabernacle in Salt Lake. He is so talented and it was so fun to go listen to them in the Tabernacle.

This is Brian and his brother Derek, who is also a choir member
Brian's parents came with us for the trip
After the concert

Barrett's 4th Birthday

I can't believe my baby is 4! I have called him my angel baby since he was born because he has been such a blessing for our family!

Easter 2011

This picture of Brian cracks me up, I just couldn't resist putting it on here!


We spent our honeymoon in Mexico on a 7-day cruise. It was Brian's first cruise! But we didn't spend a lot of time taking pictures!