Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So, it has been awhile since my last post- this summer has just been crazy! We are still living with my parents, but we are supposed to be closing on our house this week. My sister Sarah was in town for about a month so it was a full house, but I taught her how to sew and we worked on all sorts of projects- while our kids drew on the walls (among other naughty things!)
Also, my brother Daniel came home from his mission last week. He was sick for three years before his mission, and miraculously got well enough to leave, but was only able to serve for 10 months before he got sick again. We are hoping we will find a way to get him better so he can return, but we are grateful he was able to serve as long as he did. He has such a good attitude and outlook on things, and we are loving having him home!

Ok, we had such a blast on our trip to Yellowstone. It was so beautiful, and my kids absolutely loved it. Right before we left, I was really dreading it- I kept thinking "what have I got myself into" It was a long drive in the motor home. Plus, we were in the rental car all day while we were in Yellowstone. But, I was pleasantly suprised at how great my kids were. We saw so many animals and the weather was amazing. We had to follow a herd of buffalo for about a mile on the road before they ventured off into the trees. Talmage was freaking out having those buffalo right in front of us. My parents are great people, and we are so glad we got to spend our vacation with them also. We also stopped in Idaho Falls for a few days to visit some old friends, the Pentelutes. It was fun to see them, and Talmage became best buds with one of their little boys, Bostin.
But as fun as this summer has been, I am excited for Talmage to start preschool, and to move into our new house so I can finally feel like my life is normal and in order again!

Rainbow Bridge

The Falls

Taylor getting dangerously close to a black bear- the ranger yelled at him!

The Geysers